Scott Mathews


Scott was born in Northwest Ohio, moved out of state when he was 5 years old and returned to the area around 30 years ago. As a teenager he developed an interest in hunting but was unable to participate in any hunting activities do to the fact that he lived overseas in Brazil. When returning to the USA around the age of 20, he started hunting and has been addicted ever since. Scott has worked at Northwestern Masonry since 1989 and lives in Hancock County with his wife of 30 years, Marcia, and has 3 children; Dylan, Ty and Gabriella. Scott has raised his family to love and appreciate hunting and the great outdoors. Scott is a marginal hunter at best (The other Black Swamp Board Members agree), but does occasionally run into a rather dumb deer that he is able to harvest. Scott was one of the founding members of Black Swamp Bucks and considers it a privilege to be a part of this great organization.